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Bernard Baruch


Bernard is the anonymous founder of IntuitEcon. He enjoys cultivating relationships around shared deep interests and principles.

Bernard is a CFA Charterholder and a Financial Risk Manager (FRM). He also passed the Series 65 exam. During his career, Bernard build managed international collaborative teams engaged in building forecasting and valuation models, risk management tools and stress testing strategies, operations and governance structures, and virtual learning and grow programs to accelerate understanding of humans and human systems.

Ari Nikola.jpeg

Ari Nikola

Podcast Host

Ari enjoys learning from brilliant and interesting people. He also leads the IntuitEcon Crypto Research desk.


Wilhelmina Maria

Chief Technology Officer

Wilhelmina enjoys writing about technology and its impact on the human experience and value creation.


Dwight ("Ike")

Chief Economist

Ike enjoys writing about the macro economy, the nature of money, and the interconnection between government policy and financial markets.


Adam Smith

Brain Trust Leader

Adam enjoys writing about the economy and how it grows from the psychology of human misbehavior.