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If you are a deeply curious individual with a desire to understand the modern economy at a high level, this is the opportunity for you. We are always looking for new authors who are interested in publishing research about investing related themes. 

   he Brain Trust is a group of investors that we believe have valuable insights into the                              market. Those who share unique research in the form of an article, video or any medium that effectively signals effort and aptitude can be considered to join our Brain Trust. You do not need to have tremendous amounts of experience and knowledge about markets to share your work with us. We are most interested in collaborating with individuals who are relentlessly curious and motivated to truly understand the economy and markets. 

Why join the Brain Trust?


Building a collaborative financial learning community means that we are always seeking mutually beneficial opportunities. These are some of the benefits of joining: 

A. Grow your digital capital: Publishing research with us and joining the Brain Trust will grant you access to blog space on our website. We actively build up our contributors by sharing their work with our community and social media, and even providing opportunities to showcase their research on our podcast. This is a valuable way to build your personal brand as a professional. 


B. Compound interest relationships: People that have shared deep interests and principles have the potential to create valuable relationships. Our core team is focused on bringing in investors that are focused on learning, understanding, growing and using investing as a tool for self-improvement. Developing relationships with these kinds of people in the Brain Trust is an effective way to help you achieve your goals. 


C. We teach you structured thinking: Writing about investing is one of the best ways to strengthen and expedite your learning process. Writing is structured thinking, and will help you organize your thoughts to identify strengths, weaknesses and blindspots in your arguments.

D.  Advisors with Expertise: Our Brain Trust will review your work and provide you with valuable feedback on your investment strategy. Investing alone can be very hard, but having a team of experts with diverse insights will help you navigate through all of its complexities. 

Research Topics 

We like our contributors to have creative freedom to write about topics that they are truly interested in. The range of topics you can explore is quite broad, and we are more than happy to help brainstorm ideas with you. Relevant subjects can include, but are not limited to: 

  • Analysis into specific companies and/or industries

  • Investable themes (such as clean energy, future of entertainment, decentralized finance, etc.)

  • Economic environment and policies

  • Portfolio construction

  • Personal finance best practices


How to submit your work

You can submit your work by clicking the button below. If you are submitting a written draft, please submit a link to an editable Google Doc. If you are submitting research in the form of video or audio, please submit a link to a Youtube video or to a Google Drive containing your work

Brain Trust

Franklin D. Roosevelt's group of advisors known as the Brain Trust.

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Please reach out to us with any questions or comments you may have. We are happy to discuss topic ideas with you as well. 



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