WEquilCoin Manifesto

By Bernard Baruch ... Founder and CEO of WEquil Group.

Dear IntuitEcon Subscribers,

IntuitEcon will become WEquil.Capital on September 17th (Friday) and officially enter WEquil Group ... a global decentralized community. Our mission is to help members find Equilibrium … harmony between our specific knowledge and needs of the world. WEquilCoin is the next step in what has been the most powerful experience of my life. In this article I share some of that experience and the unique value proposition of our "Favor Token" in our rapidly growing digital economy.

The School Led by Kids

WEquil Group was formed during the pandemic to combine in large part because of my daughter Sumay, age 12, who started a virtual learning community called WEquil.School. Three months ago the head of Google’s app development division discovered her ... leading to this interview which over 9,000 people watched. Knowing good investments when we see them...my wife and I decided to grow her team of professional Google developers from one to eight so she could automate and scale her school in WEquil.App. Over the same period she received support and is collaborating with a dozen EdTech partnerships and a growing list of influencers who believe in her vision for educating young people.

What is remarkable about Sumay’s school is that there is no curriculum, they don’t receive grades, and have no fixed schedule. They just learn by doing … writing stories, building apps, designing products with 3D printers, teaching classes on things they learn so they can teach to each other. The common response we get from parents in WEquil.School is that they have never seen kids so excited to learn, grow, and create. By publishing and demonstrating their projects ... parents have no need for grades to assess progress. Kids use their growing body of creations to help cultivate interests and satisfy state homeschooling requirements. Sumay started building this during the pandemic so kids could teach each other for free…because millions of families were working during the lockdowns. What started as a necessity turned into an opportunity to scale a solution that helps kids truly love learning…because they are learning by doing real things.

How to Learn Faster

What happened next is difficult to explain...but the process of learning by doing essentially became fertile soil for "growing seeds into trees". This is a metaphor in WEquil.School the refers to minimum viable projects (MVPs) or simple projects that reflect "rapid prototyping". Some of these projects started to "iterate and improve" their way into startups and business ideas more generally. Enough kids and parents were pitching startup ideas that we formed WEquil.Startups ... a startup incubator that specializes in building out the technology solutions for non-technical founders including apps, websites, social media, and data automation including machine learning applications.

Followers may have noticed that Bernard Baruch disappeared from social media shortly after our ARKK bottom call on May 13th. Our call appears to have been spot on, but I didn't leave for a two month vacation...I left because what happened after at WEquil.School was the most inspirational event of my life. I spent the next two months on the phone talking to over one hundred parents from around the world...just 5% of the applications we received...and two dozen developers...some of which offered to help build for free because they saw the value for their own children.

Now WEquil Group is ready to focus on integrating this community using our WebApp. Our total paid professional team stands at about twenty not counting those developing WEquilCoin. WEquil.School stands at about a dozen strong with a development team that's embedded in the school itself...learning from their core users in real time. WEquil.Capital is strong as well with a core operations team in Panama, supported by partners and leaders across a wide range of asset classes and investing experience. We also have a growing Brain Trust thanks to our following over the years and insights from WEquil.School on how to learn faster. I copy pasted Sumay's "Synthesize Learning Process" document from WEquil.School and used it for IntuitEcon's Brain Trust welcome letter. Go ahead ... See for yourself.

Our WebApp is how we are linking our decentralized community...and we are using Ethereum to grow its economy.

A Global Decentralized Community

The WEquil community is increasingly becoming a digital economy. We operate a virtual school that uses a learning by doing, project based philosophy. We also operate a startup incubator. These communities in combination with WEquil.Capital essentially creates a country without state borders or religion...with a shared culture based on shared principles like a deep interest in learning. Members of this community would be the primary users and beneficiaries of WEquilCoin ... with an outsized benefit for developers who help build it and receive payment in WEquilCoin.

Communities grow stronger relationships when they trade. This has been a driving force in allowing countries like the USA with its enormous system of navigable rivers to become a superpower. Money facilitates trade and with it added incentive to learn the same language, build trust, and ultimate developer stronger more collaborative relationships. Our community is no different, except that the bonds of our relationships are almost entirely driven by virtual connection putting more weight on alternative means of expressing gratitude and exchanging value. We wish to reduce the cost of collaboration and reciprocation across our economy through a "Favor Token" that will initially serve as a reminder to reciprocate value creation across our ecosystem.

Our community has reached sufficient size for members to create personalized value for each other. This is an exciting prospect because it confirms the power of our thesis on the new digital, creative, personalized economy. Members can post jobs and projects that they would be willing to pay other members to do and create. Members can also sell products and services with other members. The difference is that within a community there is a greater degree of trust and so the need for exchange of a reliable currency is not always necessary or even advantages.

Enter a cryptocurrency...initially with zero value to outside investors...but with some tokenized value to community members. Should one member do another a favor, and build them an App (this is common in our school as an example) or create a 3D Printed gift for a member's father who is blind and thus would prefer something they can feel (true story) ... one need not pay them in a reliable currency. The token could simply be a stand in for remembering that this person did them a favor ... giving them something of value. This happens so frequently in our community that records of tokens transacted provides real value to the holder to reciprocate.

This is probably how the first valuable currencies came into existence...first as a token to remember a favor...and then over time the token began take on the value of the favor itself.

A Coin to Grow All Capital

WEquilCoin is a catalyst for expanding our own internal digital economy ... an opportunity made possible by the entrepreneurial nature of our community. Our school is self-directed and project based ... empowering students to create products and services of value to other members. We also help entrepreneurs launch businesses ... a process that involves a great deal of problem solving and opportunities for contract like employment. We having a growing community of investors in our Brain Trust that may have interest in private equity opportunities as well as coding classes for kids at our school. Adding a coin into this environment could create many learning and collaboration opportunities.

Everything of value in the WEquil economy essentially revolves around digital Creative Projects. At WEquil.School these projects are used to create human capital. At WEquil.Capital these projects are investing opportunities to grow financial capital. At WEquil.Startups, human and financial are combined to create personalized businesses that help to all capital...but especially the digital capital now necessary to have a material positive impact on global affairs.

Parents and students would be given some coins as a way to practice exchange of money for value creation. For example, student teachers could be paid in the coin for helping lead otherwise free classes as is currently the case. Students who create projects that others find useful could receive tips as opposed to relying on upvotes. This more closely mirrors the real world ... a core principle of our school.

Entrepreneurs would benefit from the ability to pay members in our learning community to help with projects. This is already happening in areas such as building websites, crowd sourcing logos, building apps, and prototyping products with 3D Printing. Students are already participating in these projects as a way of gaining work experience by doing real things. Startups could also receive funding in the form of the should they have value within and potentially outside our community.

Brain Trust members at IntuitEcon would benefit as well in a manner similar to our students...receiving coins for publishing research and potentially paying students in the coin for collaborating on articles related to shared interests such as Genomics, Solar, Electric Vehicles, and anything else that touches on the economy, markets, and finance.


As you can see from these links to WEquil.School...WEquilCoin is not necessary, but would effectively remove frictions across our economy. We believe that money did not initially step from barter systems...but actually came from the need to remember favors. WEquilCoin is a "Favor Token" to help reduce barriers to collaboration such as the cost of reciprocation.

We believe this will help our community by growing relationships, reducing costs to collaboration, and potentially growing a network of support for a token that fundamentally stands for our principles. If we are correct then this should accelerate a process of human, financial, and digital capital growth we are already seeing happen organically across our community. WEquilCoin would simply make that process happen faster...in the same way that money has for thousands of years.


Bernard Baruch... Founder and CEO of WEquil Group

Join me with our Chief Economist Dr Ilya Rahkovsky and some of our developers tomorrow at 6pm EST to discuss our vision for WEquilCoin. We hope to launch before our IntuitEconLaunch Party on September 17th. Know you know why it's going to be such an epic party.