WEquil Capital Weekly - Issue #2

Updated: Jan 27

The New Inflationary Regime

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We see the present moment as the beginning of a new inflationary regime that will ultimately end only after several years or more of US dollar devaluation and a balancing of the budget.

This newsletter is also part two on our series on Inflation. If you have not done so already we recommend reading part one at this link. We provide a look at what is happening right now with inflation and why this is likely to be the dominant risk now and coming years.

We begin with insights into the recent crash in risk assets including our call on Twitter that Ark Invest‘s flagship fund $ARKK hit a local bottom. Our concerns with the new inflation regime appear to be driving the crash and believe $SPY has more room to fall…but at the same time we believe many innovative companies like StoneCo $STNE and Stride $LRN are very cheap and well positioned to perform despite the macro headwinds. If you haven’t already, sign up with us now on Revue to receive the newsletter straight to your inbox.