How false narratives die - June 30, 2021

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We are up 51% year to date. The primary driver of performance was calling out the false narrative that disruptive technology stocks would continue to underperform value as a result of rising rates. Specifically, calling bottom on genomics and 3D Printing stocks which made up a majority of our overall exposure.


Performance YTD

Performance Past Year

Note: This performance is ignores about 20% of our liquid assets which or contained in other accounts such as crypto wallets that contain Ethereum.


Our portfolio is concentrated into eight strategies across three asset classes. similar to our last update in April. The biggest change is the addition of Education Revolution stocks, namely LRN and to a lesser extent COUR and TWOU. Our holdings are listed below along with Weights and Total Gains. You may note that our Total weights add up to 135% on account of leverage.

How False Narratives Die (WIP)

Check back here for discussion on the rotation back into disruptive technology later this week.