CFA Crash Course

Updated: Feb 1


The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter is a designation given to those who have completed the CFA Program. WEquil.Capital's founder and CEO has been a CFA charter holder since 2017 and supports the program. While taking the CFA program, Joe McPhail applied elements of the "Deep Learning" process used now across WEquil Group. Specifically, he synthesized the materials and created presentations which he then used to teach the materials.

The total length of these slides is roughly 30% of the six books in the program, and while his notes are a bit dated and do not contain all the material covered, Mr. McPhail continues to reference his condensed notes to understand financial markets and identify valuable investing opportunities. Members of WEquil Group are welcome to use these notes for free. If you find errors in these notes please reach out to our leadership team through our Discord channel.

Slide Decks

CFA Level 2, Book 1 - Economics

CFA Level 2, Book 2 - Financial Reporting and Analysis CFA Level 2, Book 3 - Equity

CFA Level 2, Book 4 - Fixed Income and Derivatives

CFA Level 2, Book 6 - Alternative Investments

CFA Level 2, Book X - Portfolio Management