Brain Trust

Updated: May 10

IntuitEcon is launching a "collaborative" hedge fund later this year. Details are still being formulated but one thing the Core Team has agree on is that we wish for a small group of followers with shared principles to be part of the collaborative "Brain Trust" at IntuitEcon. The purpose of this article is to explain what this entails so that those who have an interest can apply through our home page or emailing our team at

The term “brain trust” is a term that was used by James Kieran, a New York Times reporter, to describe the group of leaders assembled by Franklin Delano Roosevelt during his presidential administration. President Roosevelt brought these “brains” together to advise him, decode problems and design new solutions for America. Bernard Baruch was considered an unofficial member as well.

Our Collaborative Hedge Fund

Our core team spent a considerable amount of time processing feedback from followers, potential investors, and long time collaborators regarding how best to create the most transparent and collaborative hedge fund in the world. The term "Brain Trust" deserves some explanation. We see our collaboration as having four layers...

  1. Followers - Everyone that follows us on social media, reads our blog...etc

  2. Collaborators - Everyone that wishes to engage with our followers...Our Discord group is the prime example

  3. Brain Trust - Everyone we want to follow back... because we appear to have shared deep interests and principles.

  4. Core Team - Those whom we pay to help run the fund, blog, newsletter...etc.

Being in our "Brain Trust" means that our core team is listening to you. We want the brain trust to have the best match with its members. After joining, we want to build the relationship. Just like in any relationship, we continually re-evaluate to determine if we are a good fit. If we find we are not the best fit for each other, we may decide revoke the membership with short notice.

Why should you want to be in our Brain Trust?

We are trying to do something rather unique with how we are structuring the collaborative nature of our fund. The Brain Trust plays a key role in this. Here is how...

A. Relationships with compound interest - People that have shared deep interests and principles have the potential to create valuable relationships. The primary reason is the strength of the foundation of that relationship. Investors are especially prone to becoming defensive, argumentative, and focusing on bolstering their egos instead of learning, growing, and using investing as a tool for self-improvement. Our core team is working very hard to bring these kinds of investors into the Brain if we succeed and you are one of these people then you should want to build relationships in this group.

B. Help us help you - We believe that our fund is most likely to succeed if we can build many of these relationships...and the best way to do that is to help you achieve your personal and investing goals. We want you to be radically transparent about what you want to get out of working with IntuitEcon. We can offer you many opportunities. The most valuable is "A" because of the shared community...but we can also:

  • Grow your investing career by helping you publish and share articles on Seeking Alpha, Medium, or our blog.

  • Create better investing strategies by helping you socialize and refine ideas with the right collaborators

  • Connect with others that share your deep interests

  • Grow your social media following so you can leverage the value that you create for others

  • Learn more about yourself and how you can build upon your specific knowledge to become irreplaceable

  • Discover investing opportunities more quickly and team with others that share your convictions to fine tune them

  • Launch your own initiatives with our support even if that means leaving IntuitEcon

  • ...Tell us more ways we can help you.

C. = (A x B)^10 ... The beauty of building relationships on shared deep interests and principles is that we can be generous. We never know where these relationships will take us because the world is always changing and opportunities that arise are unpredictable. We believe that the qualities that make for great investors are the same qualities that make for success in every other part of our lives...and so we will strive to create a Brain Trust that not only is successful in identifying and executing on investing opportunities, but also successful in building a meaningful community that helps you become a better version of yourself.


So when if you receive an invitation to join our Brain Trust...view this as an invitation for us to get to know you better...because we want to build a relationship. We don't know where this relationship will go, but we do know that the call option on that relationship is nearly free, never expires, and is at the money with the potential for high returns. We call that type of opportunity "Positive Skew" and when we see opportunities like that we tend to bet big.

Sincerely, Bernard + Core Team

You can apply by emailing us at