Altcoin Research Lottery

By Bernard Baruch

Hello Followers!

Do you want to learn more about an Altcoin but don't have the time?

Send us $1 in the Altcoin you are most interested in and we may take a look. We will write an investing research article about the Altcoin with the most submissions relative to the market capitalization.

Do not send anything besides a $1 value submission. We don't need your money.

We will only count up to $1 per submission in the calculation. The purpose of this lottery is to provide us with a fun way to learn about different cryptoassets our followers find interesting. By only allowing Tip Jar submissions we focus on followers that actually own the Altcoin in question in their crypto wallets.

Not sure how to buy Altcoins not listed on an exchange like Coinbase?

You can buy Altcoins using a brower extension called . From this extension you can send yourself coins from an exchange. You may also want o use a tiny test amount if you have never done this before.

We will choose the Altcoin for which we receive the most of said coin in the "Tip Jar" below, relative to the on Friday noon EST February 12th.

#Altcoin Tip Jar: 0x7c2e4684aC2a9729774F24aB9DD6D7E490A61D68


We are also broadcasting a discussion on Altcoins with our followers tomorrow (January 10th) at 6:30PM EST via periscope. You can join by clicking our Periscope link below.