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Our Mission

Our mission at WEquil Capital is to help you grow as an investor and teach you how to build your digital, financial and human capital.

Digital Capital

Icon of the world wide web used to display digital capital,

Influence through platforms

connecting the world.

Human Capital

Icon of a head with a brain, used to show human capital.

Knowledge, relationships and

the ability to create value.

Financial Capital

Icon of a stack of coins. Used to demonstrate financial capital.

Wealth and property that can be used to purchase time.

Help us help you.

The WEquil Capital learning community is a place where members can share their questions, thoughts, research and investing ideas with a hive mind of individuals that have expertise in a wide variety of disciplines and fields. 

Collaborating with our group is one of the most effective and efficient ways to pinpoint blind spots in your arguments and to strengthen your understanding of the nature of markets, industries, and economic trends.


By joining WEquil Capital, you will gain access to research publications, investing newsletters, podcasts with industry and company experts, and a diverse community of investors.

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Join our Discord

Discord is our hub of communication at WEquil Capital. This is where you'll receive news about events, workshops, podcasts and more. We also have channels where investors can engage in discussions about all things relating to markets. 

If you are interested in researching with us and publishing your work, consider joining our Brain Trust.

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