Open discussion on markets every Thursday at 5PM EST

Zoom video conference to illustrate what our Happy Hour discussions look like.

What is Happy Hour?

Happy Hour is an open weekly virtual meetup hosted by WEquil Capital every Thursday at 5PM EST. 

Participants are welcome to bring a beverage and join us for relaxed yet focused conversations on all things relating to markets and investing. We discuss investing ideas, emerging technologies and themes, economic policy and more. These discussions are fluid and allow for everyone to ask questions and give feedback.

For illustrative purposes only. We do not record actual Happy Hour meetings. 

Why attend Happy Hour?

Accelerate and deepen your understanding of capital markets by joining discussions with a community of people with diverse insights and perspectives. Participants can be at any level in their investing journey. Sessions are often attended by experts of different technologies and industries, and even people who are just starting to learn about investing. All are welcome to join, learn something new, and ask any questions!

People sitting around a table with their laptops and notebooks. Illustrating focused discussion.

Topics Include...

Market Updates

Analyzing Economic Trends

Building a Benchmark Portfolio

Innovation and Technologies

How to Join

Happy Hour

LIVE Market Update + Discussion

The Zoom meeting will take place every Thursday at 5PM EST. 

 Simply click the blue "Join Here" button. These sessions are open to all! Happy Hour will take place every Thursday at 5 PM EST USA. 

You can also become a member of the WEquil Capital community to have access to our discussion group on Slack and receive updates for all workshops, events and podcasts that we host.