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Correlation Regimes

As we enter an environment with high levels of inflation uncertainty, there are very material risks that may affect correlations among asset classes. A shift towards positive correlations between stocks and bonds may weaken their diversification effect and thereby invalidate many of the valuation models used by financial institutions. This is the biggest risk that we see currently to global financial markets.

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stocks vs bonds.png
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Correlation Regimes  

The Personalized Economy

Since the Industrial Revolution there has been a trend toward personalization in products and services. Companies and individuals that recognize the increasingly personalized economy are going to find unprecedented opportunities.

Man and woman standing out from a crowd by appearing in a different color to showcase individuality.

The Personalized Economy

Americans started 4.3 million businesses in 2020, a 24% increase from the year before, and the first material increase in 40 years. The boom has proven to be broader and more durable than early skeptics expected.

The Startup Boom

Rocket taking off from a laptop screen. A play on words for "The Startup Boom".

The Startup Boom

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Reflecting on 2020... Looking out to 2021

We made over 400% in 2020... an accomplishment we attribute to unusual circumstances and some luck. We will almost certainly never be able to do it again, but we decided to tell our story and share our views on the year ahead.

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Dear ARK Invest

We provide a high level overview of our performance history with key trades documented on Twitter and our blog. WEquil.Capital can add value to ARK Invest because we share basic principles of investing; while also augmenting their approach through our deep knowledge of risk management, psychology, history, macro implications, and trading strategy.

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